Paul’s Tips

pic (31)Paul Stoop Tip for Building Custom Homes Whether or not you choose to use Stoop Construction for your home project, there are certain questions you need to ask of any builder before choosing to use their company. Make sure that you get a yes to all of these questions.

  • Have you passed a building contractor’s exam?
  • Can you provide written references, including a financial institution, home owners, trade contractors, and material suppliers?
  • Do you maintain appropriate insurance coverage, including builder’s risk, general liability, and other insurance as required by law, such as workers’ compensation?
  • Do you build to performance standards set forth in the Homeowner Handbook or an equivalent?
  • Do you offer an approved limited warranty?
  • Is your main source of income from homebuilding?
  • Do you complete 16 hours of continuing education annually?
  • Do you offer mandatory binding arbitration and abide by the House Institute’s dispute resolution process?
  • Do you allow home inspections?
  • Are you a current member of your local home-builders association and abide by the National Association of Home Builder’s Code of Ethics?
  • Do you utilize a third-party vendor to conduct energy¬† inspections?
  • Do you provide home buyers with written customer service procedures as outlined in the Homeowner Handbook or equivalent?